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How Well Is Houston Rockets Stacked up Against Dallas Mavericks Without Eric Gordon?

How Well Is Houston Rockets Stacked up Against Dallas Mavericks Without Eric Gordon?

Houston Rockets were one of the teams that benefitted from the break of play. Their team was feeling the effects of the small-ball system, with poor results leading up to the stoppage. The break allowed their injured veteran Eric Gordon to recover for the bubble. Gordon is a perfect fit in the Houston system, having never shot below 40% from the three. His percentages are low this season due to injury, but he was a valuable return for the team.

Houston Rockets G/F Eric Gordon

Gordon is back out of the rotation due to injury. In the Rockets scrimmage against Boston Celtics, Gordon rolled on his ankle and had to be helped off the court. Gordon is a flamethrower, having dropped 50 points in a game this season. The former Sixth Man of the Year isn’t a star, but he is probably one of the most valuable rotational assets in the team. James Harden and Russell Westbrook will have to work that much harder to make up for Gordon’s absence. He will be out for about two weeks, but his x-rays have been negative.

Houston Rockets bubble plans

You have to envy the Rockets. Even if their system may be too risky, it is a team gifted with talent. Harden and Westbrook are the highest-scoring duo in the NBA this season. Harden averages 34.6 points as the league’s scoring leader. Westbrook chipped in with 27.5 points of his own.

The Rockets are perimeter-centric. First, they live and die by the three-pointer and second, they have no interior scorers or defenders. Their short lineup features Robert Covington as the tallest at 6’6. P.J. Tucker is their center and stands at just 6’4. Due to this, the team will rely on Harden and Westbrook to deliver offensively. Gordon’s replacement in the lineup will be Daniel House due to him being the best positional fit.

Westbrook will deliver in the post with his drives and Harden will look to set teams alight from the three. Gordon is an average defender and scorer, but he is one of the best role-players in the league and his absence will be missed yet again. His early return will be a godsend for Rockets, who’d look to pick up momentum in the seeding games.

Source: Adrian Wojnarowkski Twitter 

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