“I Didn’t Even Take a Shower”: Warriors Coach Reveals a Funny Incident During Interviews For Michael Jordan’s Last Dance

June 4, 2020 5:00 pm

Golden State Warriors coach Steve Kerr, who was also a part of Chicago Bulls alongside Michael Jordan as a player, had a part to play in The Last Dance. He recently revealed how he was completely unprepared for an interview for the documentary.

That was why he was wearing a Warriors t-shirt for one of his interviews for The Last Dance. He was coming out of the gym where the film crew was waiting for the interview he had completely forgotten about.

“It was funny — I had forgotten about the interview,” Kerr told Warriors play-by-play broadcaster Bob Fitzgerald as per NBC Sports. “So we came back from practice — I completely spaced out, I got a workout at the gym where we practiced — I come back to the hotel late (and) these guys are waiting in the lobby.

“They got this huge production. They had rented a suite. There’s got to be 20 people in there and a million cameras. I felt so bad. I didn’t even take a shower, I just ran up and did the interview.”

As a player, Kerr played alongside Jordan throughout their second three-peat run. One of the biggest stories that came up between the two in the Last Dance was how Jordan once punched Kerr. However, Kerr said it only strengthened their relationship. He said that was how Jordan tested whether his teammates were tough enough. Probably that is what later led Jordan to trust Kerr in the final few seconds of the Game 6 of the 1997 NBA Finals. Kerr’s jump shot against Utah Jazz with five seconds remaining proved to be the game-winner.

His family immediately noticed Steve Kerr going to the interview for the documentary on Michael Jordan straight from gym

Kerr’s interview for The Last Dance in a Warriors t-shirt didn’t go unnoticed. When he watched the documentary with his family, his wife and daughter noticed he wasn’t fully ready for the interview.

“When we sat down to watch it (the actual documentary on TV), my daughter and my wife immediately turned to me and they said, ‘You couldn’t take a shower and fix your hair before the interview?'” he said.



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