“I Just Felt Stupid”: Christopher Reid Reveals How Michael Jordan Taught Him a Crucial Friendship Lesson

November 29, 2020 4:30 am

Christopher Reid is a well-known personality. He enjoyed massive success during the early 90s and the rapper/hip hop artist is good friends with Michael Jordan too! “Kid” as he’s fondly known, recently engaged in a chat with ‘DJVLAD’ where he mentioned how Jordan once taught him a lesson about friendship. 

Reid revealed that he and MJ go a long way back and that their families bonded together as well. So one fine day, he visited Michael Jordan at his home when a few Nike executives were there discussing a new pair of sneakers. The meeting went well and Reid stayed there and decided to leave after interacting with the Bulls star. “We’re leaving and we got to go through the laundry room to get out,” he said. But as he was on his way, Reid noticed something alluring. 

“I’m looking and on top of one of the washing machines is one of MJ’s jerseys. I’ll never forget. It was white and red, you know I mean, white with red letters and 23. It’s just sitting there and I’m looking like time stood still you know I was just like I was like I really really want to steal that,” Reid mentioned. 

OAKVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA – JULY 20: Five-time NBA MVP Michael Jordan smiles after hitting to the seventh green during the RBC Canadian Open’s Mike Weir Charity Classic Pro-Am at Glen Abbey Golf Club on July 20, 2009 in Oakville, Ontario, Canada. (Photo by Stan Badz/PGA TOUR)

Reid then dramatically described how a mixture of thoughts put him in a dilemma. It was as if an angel and a devil had appeared on his shoulder and offered contradicting advice. Reid listened to the angel and decided to leave the jersey on the washing machine. That was indeed the right decision, as he chose not to take it without Jordan’s approval. But what’s the lesson here? 

How Michael Jordan instilled a friendship lesson in Kid

Christopher Reid listed to the good guy on his shoulder and didn’t steal MJ’s jersey from his place. Shortly after the incident, he visited the Boston Garden along with Steve Stoute to watch Jordan play the Celtics

Reid carried a huge framed photograph of him and MJ playing ball under the insistence of Stoute. He wanted MJ to sign the frame to add more value to it. So a reluctant “Kid” carried it with him to the game in hopes of getting it signed by MJ afterward. 

“After the game, we in the locker room were hanging out, and uh, you know it kind of came up,” Reid described. “I had it with me and I kind of half asked about him signing it and he gave me a weird look like ‘I know you!’… He didn’t say all that but he kind of said it with his look like: ‘Oh you know my mother and father you know my children, you know my wife like and I just felt stupid.”

Michael Jordan signed the photo, but Reid felt like a fool after the incident. Jordan was a very good friend, and he didn’t have to ask him that way. “It was no big deal, but you know it just taught me a little something about friendship,” Reid said. “He’s the greatest right, but he’s a guy. He’s a human being and I’m glad to call us all friends.”

That’s the moral of the story. Michael Jordan was just another human who valued friendships just like everyone else, and Christopher Reid learned this in a strange way!

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