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“I Kicked Its Butt”: Denver Nuggets Coach Reveals the Details of His Fight Against Coronavirus

“I Kicked Its Butt”: Denver Nuggets Coach Reveals the Details of His Fight Against Coronavirus

Ever since the coronavirus started posing a major threat to society, the whole world came to a standstill. Consequently, the NBA came to a halt on March 11. The league’s suspension came following Utah Jazz player Rudy Gobert testing positive for the virus. Following Gobert’s encounter with the coronavirus, several other NBA players and coaches contracted it, and Denver Nuggets coach Michael Malone even opened up about his fighting experience.

Nuggets coach Michael Malone fell sick as early as March 20, due to the virus entering his body. Malone spoke to CBS 4 on Monday where he explained his sickness, and how initially he couldn’t get himself tested. 

“We reached out to our team doctors to see if I could get a test, but unfortunately at that time there were no tests available,” Malone said. I was able to get an antibody test probably right around Memorial Day weekend and not surprisingly our team doctor called up that weekend and told me I tested positive. I like to say that I got coronavirus, and I kicked its butt,” Malone joked.

Denver Nuggets coach hopes the Orlando plan works out for the NBA

Michael Malone is one of the 22 head-coaches who would be looking to strike success in Orlando next month. Coaching a talented Denver team, Malone’s hopes will be riding on the young guns in his roster. Before the season’s suspension, the Nuggets put up impressive performances to remind fans about their capacity. 

With a 43-22 record, their main focus would be on the eight remaining games. A top-seeded entry into the playoffs will be of great help. However, safety is the first concern for Malone, who hopes it all works out well.  “I hope going to Orlando (for the resumption of the NBA season) will be a safe environment and we can limit the amount of people who get it.”

The team would rely largely on Nikola Jokic, who was averaging an impressive 20.2 point per game before the NBA’s hiatus. Now, with Jokic trimming his weight down, no one knows what to expect from the Serbian.

Besides the coronavirus scare, Malone hopes to take on the mental hurdle of getting past the challenging time in the Orlando bubble. “You will be stuck in a bubble with no family, no friends, no fans. My challenge to our team is not to survive, but thrive,” Malone expressed.

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