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“I Was Standing There Waiting For Him”: The Bizarre Details of How Michael Jordan Met his Best Friend

“I Was Standing There Waiting For Him”: The Bizarre Details of How Michael Jordan Met his Best Friend

We all got to relive the epic journey of Michael Jordan with the Chicago Bulls. ‘The Last Dance’ truly enlightened many fans as to how MJ dominated his era with his spectacular display of basketball. However, not every story made the final cut when compiling his famed NBA career. The story of how Michael Jordan met his personal assistant who then became his best friend, is truly amazing. 

When the Chicago Bulls drafted Michael Jordan in 1984, he had no cameras following him around. MJ was just an extremely talented college kid who was just entering into a mighty league. The Bulls management flew ‘His Airness’ down to Chicago, but forgot to send a person to pick him up from the airport. 

MJ got off the plane and had no one attending him upon his arrival. There was another man at the airport who was also by himself, and his name was George Koehler. A chauffeur by profession, Koehler was waiting for a customer who never arrived. A twitter page named OLDSKOOLBBALL posted a video from several years ago when MJ’s close friend Ahmad Rashad interviewed Koehler who describes his first meeting with Jordan.

“Well, he was just really wandering around the airport. He stepped off the airplane and I was standing there waiting for him, strictly by accident,” Koehler revealed. “Wanted to pick up a customer, the guy never showed up and Mike was the last guy off that airplane. So I asked him, ‘If you need a ride?’ and he said yes.”

Michael Jordan called Koehler his best-friend apart from making him a personal assistant

Co-incidence sometimes unites people who then develop a strong bond in life. Ever since Koehler dropped off MJ at his hotel, they remained in good terms. Koehler then became Jordan’s personal assistant and got very close to the six-time champion. 

As the Twitter user shared a major throwback interview, Ballislife.com reshared the post, quoting George Koehler. The page captioned it with George Koehler’s excerpt from an old interview. ”Michael’s told people I’m his best friend in Chicago, which would be an honor, of course. Otherwise, you can refer to me as Michael`s personal assistant. Or just think of me as his gofer. Doesn`t bother me.”

The pair purely met by coincidence. They had to benefit from each other. Michael Jordan wanted to get to the hotel and Koehler wanted to earn some money by doing him a deed. What unfolded next was an unexpected journey in Koehler’s life, who became the world’s best basketball player’s best friend.

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