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“If You Know, You Know”: Allen Iverson Takes A Dig At the NBA Over His Defensive Snub

“If You Know, You Know”: Allen Iverson Takes A Dig At the NBA Over His Defensive Snub

If you find yourself in a challenging situation during a basketball match and you need someone to bail your team out, simply call ‘The Answer.’ In his 14-year NBA career, Allen Iverson never stopped buzzing on the court, giving his opponents too many problems to deal with. His everlasting charisma and the ability to wreak havoc on the court has earned him the nickname. 

Allen Iverson was rightfully inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame in 2016. His contributions during his time were immense. Iverson’s only upset over his fabled career could be that he failed to win the championship at any point. He came extremely close with the Philadelphia 76ers in 2001. However, we just learned that is not all that he feels he deserved. Iverson took to social media to hit out at the league for snubbing him in one major category. 

Allen Iverson slams the NBA on Instagram

The 44-year-old has been retired since many years and is enjoying his post-NBA life. However, there seems to be one thing that irks him. Is it winning the NBA championship? No.

Allen Iverson slams the league for not including him in any NBA All-Defensive Team of the Year throughout his career.

AI has had several years of defensive success in the league and feels that he should have made the all-defensive team at least once in his career. Iverson was quick to steal the ball from his opponents to create a turnover. He ranks 14th in the All-time steals list, which is great for a player who has never been included in a defensive team. 

Allen Iverson down on the floor grabbing the ball

No avid fan of the NBA can forget AI’s 10 steal game against the Orlando Magic in 1999, which is still a playoff record. The 11-time All-Star even led the league in steals for three consecutive seasons. He could put up sparkling displays of brilliance. Thus, Iverson had every right to express his longstanding anguish on social media. 

“What 3x steals leader you know never made an all-defensive team, not even Honorable Mention? But it’s all good. “If You Know You Know.” What you think I was back there on defense doing, just chilling??? LMAO,” AI wrote on his Instagram page. He even procured a highlight reel of his defensive skillset that showed his impressive abilities to change the course of the game in a flash. 

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