“It Should Shock Nobody”- Insider Predicts A Grim NBA Draft For LaMelo Ball

October 31, 2020 9:30 pm

LaMelo Ball looks to make noise as one of the top-five picks in the NBA Draft this year. While some have him going top-three, the narrative on LaMelo is changing. After a string of reports on LaMelo not impressing in pre-draft interviews, The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor has commented on the uncertainty.

“I had a phone call earlier today with somebody who works in the league for a team, and he and I talked a lot about LaMelo. There are a lot of people who wonder if he could fall outside the top five. Rick Bonnell, a Hornets writer, reported today that he hadn’t done well in interviews. I’m not sure what to make of that report, but I’ve heard similar that he hasn’t done great in these interviews and workouts and all that.”

He added, “So, LaMelo, as talented as he is, some teams are looking at this situation as ‘Maybe it’s best to hit a single or hit a double rather than swing for the fences and possibly whiff.’ And with LaMelo, there’s that threat for him more than there is for some other guys in that top-10 conversation. With LaMelo, it would not shock me and it should shock nobody if he goes one, or he goes eight. It could happen with him.”

LaMelo Ball to fall dramatically

LaMelo Ball was touted as a potential number-one overall pick, but the reports like this bode really poorly for the young star. In a league where the pressure of being a Ball brother can sometimes be intense, LaMelo will have a bigger microscope on his performances. There are a lot of lottery teams that are looking for on-ball playmakers and could benefit from having him.

LaMelo was long touted as a New York Knicks target, but after the Knicks fell to the eighth pick, those talks seemingly disappeared. If LaMelo is to actually fall as badly as people say he may, the Knicks might get to select their choice after all. However, teams before them like the Detroit Pistons may also be looking to take a swing on LaMelo if he is to fall on the boards.

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