“It Was So Embarrassing”: When Michael Jordan Worked With Michael Jackson On Court

June 27, 2020 3:38 am

Michael Jordan was the most popular athletes in all of America back in the ’90s. His influence spanned from ads to movies, and rightly so. Despite his fierce ways, Jordan had good relations with most celebrities in that era. One such celeb was another icon named Michael Jackson. The two worked together for the famous Michael Jackson track “Jam”.

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Michael Jordan schools Michael Jackson

The song came out in 1992 and was an instant hit. The official music video had both MJ’s doing what they did best. Jordan displayed his explosive game, and Jackson showed his effortless movement. An interesting and funny behind-the-scenes video also came out, which showed the two legends teaching each other the basics of their crafts.

The legendary singer/dancer said: “I got to work with the greatest sports legend of all time, Michael Jordan,”. While talking about the shoot, he also said: “We had to play one on one, it was so embarrassing. He never missed, that was the object, for him to teach me to play basketball and for me to teach him to dance.

Both of them were at the peak of their careers when the music video was filmed. Any American who grew up in that era was largely influenced by both these icons. The Chicago Bulls guard can also be seen learning how to dance from the iconic dancer. Jordan and Jackson have been compared on numerous occasions. One such instance is when Magic Johnson mentioned them in a tweet where he talked about the greatest entertainers.

Both Jordan and Jackson have a very similar back story. Both of them are legends in their respective fields, and both of them are synonymous with their craft- Jordan is a basketball powerhouse, and Jackson will forever be remembered for his banging tunes.

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