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“It’s All Back”: Wizards Head Coach Confident of John Wall’s Comeback after Career-Threatening Injury

“It’s All Back”: Wizards Head Coach Confident of John Wall’s Comeback after Career-Threatening Injury

In the NBA, more often than not, franchises lose because of the onset of injuries than due to the poor on-court performance of players. The curious case of John Wall did something similar to the Washington Wizards who missed the playoffs for the last two seasons. Now, there is news that he wants a trade. 

John had suffered a chronic Achilles tendon injury in his left heel, among other health issues. This kept him off the court for the entire 2019-20 season. Now, when he is on his way to play again after such a long gap, there are questions about the 30-year-old’s player’s lost form.

Will the Washington Wizards get that old John Wall back?

No one but the team’s head coach Scott Brooks can answer this the best. In a recent interview conducted prior to John’s willingness to seek a trade, Brooks expressed, “Yeah, I mean I spent a couple of weeks with him in Los Angeles about a month ago, he looks great, he’s in great shape, his speed, his athleticism, his explosiveness, it’s all back, and he’s shooting the ball much better. I never had a player that sat out two years. So, it’s definitely gonna be managed.” 

John signed a four-year $171 million max extension with the organization in 2017. That deal came as a result of some spectacular performances from him. He had three seasons where he averaged a double-double in points and assists. The extension that kicked off this past season saw him earning $38 million without entering the floor.

Can Wall justify his worth again?

The head coach sounded positive about Wall’s resurrection. He said, “Achilles sometimes that first year after Achilles are up and down, but he’s two years after. So he looks great, it’s not bothering him, and I am excited about making him play him in, but there’s an incredible ability to play make and play with speed, along with some [indiscernible] of the younger guys that we drafted and picked up in last two seasons.”

The five-time NBA All-star has been the face of the franchise for the past decade. The Wizards picked John overall #1 in the 2010 draft when Paul George was picked at #10. However, that paid off well for the franchise as John helped them to qualify for three conference semis alongside Bradley Beal

Assuming Wall stays with the Wizards, can he dazzle with his performances again? 

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