Ja Morant TikTok Hype Remind All of Kyrie’s Legendaries Vines

March 18, 2020 4:18 pm

The quarantine period for Coronavirus has resulted in the long halt of the NBA season. With no-show on the court, all eyes of NBA fans are on players’ social handle. Amid this, the potential Rookie of the Year, Ja Morant has not disappointed his fans and NBA followers.  Recently the, Memphis Grizzlies star shared how much he is missing hoop with the Tik-Tok video of him in the Grizzlies T-shirt.

Here is Ja making us remember how much we are missing the NBA.

Further, he also tweeted the highlights of his 2019 NCAA tournament. That makes him three, along with Stephen Curry and LeBron James on the list of players watching their own highlights. Because who doesn’t love little ‘self-love’, especially in these boring times.

See, we told you, Ja is all about that Tik-Tok hype.

Before Ja Morant on Tik-Tok, there was Kyrie Irving on Vine

This Ja Morant hype on Tik-Tok has reminded us of those good old days of Vine and legend of Kyrie Irving on it.  Let us clear some air on the matter, Kyrie Irving on the vine was legendary and there is no debate about this. While we are on it, the reminiscing ‘the cool Kyrie’ is the only way to get out of this boring situation in hand.

So here is 9 minute and 32 seconds of ‘Kyrie Irving all Vines Compilation’


And not to forget. The greatest piece of art which deserves a place at Louvre Museum was also the result of ‘vine legend’ Kyrie Irving. Here are those greatest six seconds by the man himself:


This quarantine period has given NBA fans some good past throwbacks from players themselves. Whether it’s Stephen Curry watching his highlights, or LeBron James remembering his Miami Heat days and high-school days on Instagram.

This quarantine situation has definitely taken its toll on NBA fans and players alike. But it has definitely helped us remember that how far we have come from those Miami Heat or those good old Vine days to present Tik-Tok hype.

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