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Kobe Bryant Scared DeMar DeRozan over Sneakers

Kobe Bryant Scared DeMar DeRozan over Sneakers

San Antonio Spurs forward DeMar DeRozan recently shared a Kobe Bryant story during his live session on Instagram. While in conversation with former NBA player Nate Robinson, DeRozan talked about a time when Bryant wasn’t happy with his shoes. DeRozan, a Toronto Raptors player then, said he used to sport Kobe shoes. But for a game against Kobe himself, he did not want to don the apparel, and instead stepped onto the court with Jordans instead.

DeRozan told Robinson that he always wore Kobes but didn’t want to sport them when he was actually facing Bryant. In turn, DeRozan said Bryant was “mad as a motherf–ker.”

DeRozan started his career in 2009, when Bryant was into his 14th season. He played his first nine years for the Toronto Raptors. In 2018, he joined San Antonio Spurs, where he is currently playing.

Other than talking about Kobe Bryant, DeMar DeRozan picked his best Toronto Raptors player

In his Instagram live session on Wednesday, DeRozan discussed a few more things other than Bryant’s story. Among those were naming the best Raptors player of all-time.

For DeRozan, it was Kyle Lowry with whom he had played for five years. Lowry joined the Raptors in 2013 and many consider him among the best guards of his generation. DeRozan felt that Lowry was good enough to make him the best all-time Raptors player.

As it would happen, Lowry celebrated his 34th birthday on Wednesday. Lowry took to twitter to say he was happy, though things weren’t going according to plan.


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