Kyle Kuzma Trolls Lakers Fans Who Want Him Traded

November 16, 2020 9:25 am

The 2020-21 season is very important for the Lakers to want to prove that the championship win was not a fluke. For this, they’ll have to move their pieces here and there for strengthening the bench and also equipping their star duo with key elements.

Among others, Kyle Kuzma of the Lakers is standing at a crossroads. He is eligible to opt-out of his rookie contract in 2021 but has also shown interest in a contract extension. Moreover, his name has been dragged into many plausible trade options for the franchise. So what happens next?

Lakers’ forward drops a Twitter post to signal his motives

The 25-YO forward player might’ve noticed his name in many trade talks. So, he came up with a hilarious response to make the fans know what he thinks about it. The Kriss Kross let out that he would like his critics to harmonise together- “For things that I’ve done, and I’m trying to be stronger in this life that I’ve chose, But I want you to know, I wanna say I’m sorry.”

Kyle did justice to his rookie contract by averaging 16.1 and 18.7 points in his first two seasons respectively. However, his numbers took a hit when Anthony Davis joined the team and Kyle lost his place from the starting five. This past year, his perimeter shooting and field goal accuracy also saw a dip, which made Lakers fans demand his trade. But many NBA analysts also believe he will grow leaps and bounds in the future. 

What are the options for Kyle Kuzma?

There are many angles to his trade hype. One, the Detroit Pistons have reportedly shown interest in Kyle’s services. If this trade takes place, the Lakers will be more than happy to possibly land a deal where they receive Derrick Rose in return. 

Next, his name was also involved in the possible incoming of DeMar DeRozan to the Lakers. A mid-range expert with great shooting accuracy, DeMar can also make for a good choice for the defending champions. So chances are that Kyle can be traded to the Spurs.

Last, but not the least, a contract extension is also a possibility, given it is sizeable enough to satisfy Kyle. Will the Lakers consider keeping him, given that he has shown an improvement in his defense and play off the ball? The coming weeks will clear the picture.

As far as Kuzma’s tweets are concerned, they’ve been igniting many debates lately and the fans are enjoying it thoroughly.

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