Lebron James and Anthony Davis Share an Emotional Moment as Lakers Celebrate Kobe Bryant’s Career

February 1, 2020 11:15 am

This isn’t the most comfortable of times for anyone involved with the sport. Last Sunday, NBA’s legendary player Kobe Bryant passed away while travelling with his 13 year old daughter Gigi Bryant in a helicopter crash. He was going to his daughter’s school where she was scheduled to play with her father supporting and cheering her from the stands. But fate had other plans for them. It left everyone in utter shock, including Lebron James who was seen crying right after the news broke out. 

It took La Lakers quite some time to release a statement. Considering Bryant spend 20 years with the team, no one expected them to get over with this easily. They even postponed their match against Clippers and hence are playing for the first time today after Bryant’s death agains the Trail Blazers. 

There were a series of tributes and celebration by Lakers and its players before the start of the game. Everyone in the stadium was getting emotional, including Lebron James, who just couldn’t stop crying during the national anthem. Players provided each other comfort and the words of ‘Lakers family’ resonated in the entire stadium.

One such beautiful yet emotionally overwhelming moment was between Lebron James and Anthony Davis. They were seen together, hugging and comforting each other, because in situations like these, that’s the only thing you can do.

It won’t be easy for fans or players alike to move on from such a tragedy. But as Lebron James said, instead of a memorial, lets celebrate Kobe’s life. His career. To the boy who joined Lakers when he was 18 and left when he was 38, his life and career is worthy of a celebration than a memorial.

Lebron James and Anthony Davis Get a Tattoo for Kobe

Both Lebron James and Anthony Davis decided to get inked in honour of Kobe. Lebron got a black mamba snake tattoo on his left thigh which read, “Mamba 4 Life”. Anthony Davis had a similar snake tattoo but on his right thigh.


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