LeBron James Confirms His Long Term Plans With Los Angeles Lakers

By 2 months ago

In what would delight the Los Angeles Lakers fans, LeBron James seems to be staying with the franchise for a long time.

During an Instagram live session on Thursday, James talked about many things, including how he felt playing for the Lakers.

“I’m still playing, man. I gotta keep all my options open, man. But right now Imma tell you one thing. I don’t wanna go nowhere besides be here, baby. I’ll be a Laker for the rest of my life,” he said.

LeBron James looking to lead Los Angeles Lakers to their first Championship in 10 years

James joined the Lakers in 2018 after having led two other teams the NBA Championship. He started the NBA career with this home town franchise- Cleveland Cavaliers. After seven years, he moved to Miami Heat. His four years at Miami were extremely successful. He led the Heat to four successive Finals appearances and two consecutive Championships.

In 2014, he came back to the Cavaliers and fulfilled his promise of winning a Championship there in 2016.

In his second season with the Lakers, he has led them to being one of the top teams in the league. With him and Anthony Davis in the roster, the Lakers are looking to win their first Championship in 10 years.

With the league currently suspended for over a week now, James said he has been missing playing the game.

“I miss playing ball, I miss doing what I do, I miss being in front of the Laker faithful. I miss being in front of the opposing fans when I’m on the road. We were at a point in the season where we were hitting our stride and gearing up for the playoffs,” he said in the Instagram live video.

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