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“Let’s Continue to Fight”: Russell Westbrook Joins the List of NBA Stars to Protest Against Racial Discrimination

“Let’s Continue to Fight”: Russell Westbrook Joins the List of NBA Stars to Protest Against Racial Discrimination

Houston Rockets star Russell Westbrook and San Antonio Spurs’ DeMar DeRozan took part in a march on Sunday in California supporting the Black Lives Matter campaign.

In a video that came up on social media, Westbrook said: “Continue to fight for one another. Continue to lift each other up. … Continue to protect your own, protect your team, protect your family. In times like this, we need to stick together. Put a fist up.”

Westbrook also posted a photo of his protest on Instagram with a caption: “It’s impossible for you to understand what happens today if you don’t understand the past. Let’s continue to fight.”

Earlier, DeRozan spoke to reporters saying: “I had a close friend of mine a couple of weeks ago that was murdered by the police, shot 17 times. It was something I haven’t spoken out about, it was more so of just understanding what’s going on in our society and how much I can help.”

Russell Westbrook joined the list of NBA stars protesting against racial discrimination

Two weeks after The death of George Floyd, protests against racial discrimination continue all over the nation. Westbrook joining the protests added to the list of NBA stars who have come out fighting against injustice. Earlier, Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry participated in a protest in Oakland along with his teammate Klay Thompson. More recently, Curry has announced his contribution towards providing food to local residents teaming up with restaurants through his foundation.

A few days after Curry’s rally, Milwaukee Bucks star Giannis Antetokounmpo took part in a protest in Milwaukee. A group of people wearing identical t-shirts that read, “I can’t breathe” walked on the streets on Milwaukee to show their support to Georg Floyd.

“This is our city, man,” the reigning MVP said in a video that came out on social media. “We got to come out here and support. We want change, we want justice, and that’s why we’re out here.” 

Previously, Boston Celtics’ Jaylen Brown led a protest in Atlanta. Many NBA stars have raised their voice on social media condemning racial discrimination. Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James has posted multiple tweets on the issue since the death of Floyd.

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