Los Angeles Lakers Failed to Sign a Sensational Deadline Day Trade Deal: Reports

During the mid-season trade window, Detroit Pistons guard Derrick Rose was being linked to a move to Los Angeles Lakers.

It all seemed very natural. The Lakers, although on top of its division, had their weaknesses. They were coming into the new year having a few of their shortcomings exposed. They needed to add to their roster depth. The Lakers needed someone who could share the offensive load with their superstar duo of LeBron James and Anthony Davis.

Meanwhile, Rose, an NBA Most Valuable Player in his third season, had a major downfall in his career. Joining Detroit Pistons prior to the season, Rose was reviving his lost career.

A player, once among the best, looking to reignite his lost career and a Championship pedigree team looking to add to its depth seemed a perfect combination. Moreover, Rose had 12 years of NBA experience.

However, there were rumors suggesting that the Lakers had refused to give away Alex Caruso and first-round draft picks for Rose. And by the end of the Trade season, the Lakers did not have any new acquisitions.

But the latest revelations around the proposed Caruso-Rose trade suggest otherwise. The Athletic reported that the Lakers had an offer for Rose on deadline day that involved Alex Caruso and draft compensation.

Los Angeles Lakers still looking to add players

After failing to make any addition during the trade season, the Lakers have shifted to searching for free-agent options. The Lakers have reportedly acquired former Miami Heat player Dion Waiters. Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN has reported that Waiters has signed with the Lakers till the end of the season.

Even without any significant additions, the Lakers have one of the best rosters in the NBA. Their performances have currently placed them on top of the Western Conference with the second-best record in the league.

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Saketh Kandadai