“Jealous & Petty”: NBA Analyst Hits Out at Paul Pierce for His Controversial Remarks Against LeBron James

September 29, 2020 2:26 am

LeBron James is in year 17 and is still expanding his legacy daily. Now that the Lakers have made their way into the NBA Finals after 10 years, some people just want to celebrate, but others are giving LeBron James a hard time.

A former Boston Celtics player made some shocking comments about LeBron that did not sit very well with most. Therefore, one of the NBA Analysts gives the Celtics legend a bitter taste of his own medicine.

Paul Pierce dug his own grave with these comments against LeBron James

Pierce is often seen taking shots at LeBron. However, this time, one of LeBron James’ avid fans gave Paul Pierce a stern talking-to on behalf of his favorite. On Undisputed, Shannon Sharpe has consistently protected LeBron from Skip Bayless’ ruthless criticism, but this time Paul Pierce was on the receiving end.

Pierce’s controversial statement was, “Players today are scared of LeBron. If they see LeBron standing in front of them, fear shakes in them. I know this. My era is out of the league, we weren’t afraid of LeBron. But these guys today, he strikes fear into these guys.”

To this, Sharpe responded curtly. “Paul Pierce sounds ridiculous. Does Paul Pierce realize that when LeBron got in the league, he was seven years older? Paul Pierce was 26 years of age and the league has gotten younger. So, while LeBron is 33,34,35, these guys are coming in at 19,20,21. Zion is 20 years of age, so Zion is 15 years younger than LeBron James.

“Kobe came in at 96′ at 18, LeBron James came in at 03′. So he is seven years older than LeBron. So of course you’re not going to be afraid of a kid.”

Was this criticism uncalled for?

Sharpe was adamant that Pierce’s statements were uncalled for. He even gave his own justification for Paul’s irrational comments. “It bothers him that LeBron in Year 17 is still this good. You’ve got to let this go. This doesn’t come off as analytical, but as being jealous & petty,” he explained.

There is no way LeBron deserved any of that, but Sharpe had it handled for him. The four-time MVP is more focused on bringing home his fourth championship against the Miami Heat.

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