LeBron James Reflects His True Admiration for the Kobe Bryant Mamba Jerseys

October 9, 2020 8:53 am

It is an undeniable fact that head coach Frank Vogel has done a wonderful job with the Los Angeles Lakers this year. But it also seems true that Kobe Bryant is where the team is deriving its real inspiration from, a theory that gains ample credence from the likes of LeBron James and other team members. 

The Lakers have been undefeated in the Mamba jersey this year. In fact, in all the games when they donned those stylish and legendary jerseys, the team was a force to be reckoned with. Everyone in the team, and even outside it, loves those black fabrics that are much more than just apparel. 

When LeBron James gave out the energy of a teenage Kobe fan

LeBron James has been one of those very few fortunate greats who have played against Kobe Bryant. Sadly for him, he could never play alongside Kobe Bryant in the Lakers jersey. They were just three years apart from sharing the same space and fighting for the same franchise. However, the Mamba uniform came as one way for Bron to fill that gap.

In a recent interview, the Akron Hammer reflected his admiration for the jersey. He exclaimed, “I thought they were cool from what I saw when they wore them a few yrs ago. Obviously, until you get your hands on them, you don’t get to see the detail in them. It’s super-duper detailed. It has that snake Mamba print on it. [It] means something more than just a uniform. It represents an individual who gave the franchise 20 yrs of his blood, sweat & tears & his dedication to his craft, both on & off the floor, to make that franchise be proud of him, & hopefully vice versa…” 

The L-Train clearly is a big fan and ambassador of this iconic uniform.

What makes the Mamba Jerseys so unique?

First things first, it was designed in the mind of Kobe Bryant before Nike could bring that imagination into shape. It is sad that Kobe himself never played in those jerseys but he ensured that he sits in the soul of the entire 2020 Lakers roster and play for them, if not with them.

Next, the jerseys hide stupendous detailing and artwork that ensures every inch of the fabric reflects the Mamba mentality. The scales on the jersey match a Black Mamba to perfection. The Black Mambas are known for their speed, aggressiveness, and the killer instinct, all that is deeply instilled within the Lakers’ unit. 

No wonder why they’re playing so well whenever they wear it. With the Mamba mentality, losing is not an option!

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