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Los Angeles Lakers Legend Magic Johnson Hints Towards Very Exciting News

Los Angeles Lakers Legend Magic Johnson Hints Towards Very Exciting News

Magic Johnson, just like Kobe Bryant, never played for any franchise other than the Los Angeles Lakers. He was the first overall pick in the NBA Draft of 1979. The legend appeared in 13 seasons for the league and helped his team qualify for the playoffs every single time. 

Magic led a life that had success, controversies, rivalries, glamour, failure, and a comeback. A life like this has all the makings of the perfect anecdotal story. The Showtime Lakers Documentary seems to have understood this as well.

Magic Johnson gives fans a preview of the upcoming documentary

The 12-time All-star has appeared in multiple shows and documentaries in the past. The most notable of this was the “Magic & Bird: A Courtship of Rivals”. It detailed the rivalry between Larry Bird and Magic in a very arresting manner.

Magic’s life is the subject of the upcoming Lakers Documentary that has supposedly already begun with production and is slated to release in 2021. The filmmakers have had “unprecedented access” to the former NBA champion to complete this project. The series will feature his family members, other NBA players, business heads, and many other people of importance.

Recently, Magic went to the Lakers facility for the shoot and met with the franchise owner. He also posted a tweet:

Why is the timing of this Lakers documentary so on-point?

Beginning in March 2020, COVID-19 knocked live sports out of the park. ESPN took the right advantage of this gap and pushed the release of Michael Jordan’s most-awaited ‘The Last Dance’ documentary. The timing was so perfect that the documentary raked in 5.6 million eyeballs till the release of the 10th and concluding episode. Johnson and MJ played together as part of “The Dream Team” in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. They represented the USA Basketball Team and won gold. Have a look at this video from the NBA 1991 Finals:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JNXpCP-GaQ?start=22]

The three-time MVP E.J. the Deejay had a glorious career averaging 19.5 points and a crazy 52% FG accuracy. He had to, unfortunately, miss four seasons after he contracted HIV, or else chances were strong that he would have more rings in his hands.

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