“Running & Jumping Out There For Nothing”: LaVar Ball Takes a Dig at Kyle Kuzma and Zion Williamson

By 2 months ago

Businessperson LaVar Ball believes his son Lonzo Ball is the reason why Zion Williamson has performed well at the top level.

Williamson, 19, was the first overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft with the New Orleans Pelicans picking them. After performances that won him the Consensus National College Player of the year, many started considering him a prospect as big as LeBron James from 2003.

While Ball acknowledged Williamson’s skill set, he said that nobody can flourish without good players around them. The former football tight end said his son Lonzo was the player that unlocked Williamson’s game.

“Take my boy out the situation and see how much buzz you get,” Ball said on Complex’s “Load Management” podcast. “He’d probably still be out for the season.” Ball added that Lonzo’s play was essential to unlocking Zion’s game. “I don’t care how fast you can run and jump. If you ain’t got anybody to get you that ball, guess what are you going to be doing? Running and jumping out there for nothing.”

“Look what happened to Kuzma (this year). They thought I was crazy when I was telling them Lonzo made Kuzma.”

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Can Zion Williamson and Lonzo Ball lead the New Orleans Pelicans to the top?

Lonzo Ball himself was a first-round pick in the 2017 NBA Draft. When the Los Angeles Lakers selected him with the second overall pick, many believed he could be the one for the future for the purple and gold. However, he played only for two seasons.

Last summer, Lonzo was a part of the mass exodus that left the Lakers in the Anthony Davis deal. The Pelicans now have a young roster that can flourish in the future. The Pelicans will definitely be looking for it to happen. And it did look possible since Williamson came into the side. Apart from the two, another notable youngster in the team is Brandon Ingram.

If all the players live up to their potential, there is a strong possibility that the Pelicans will soon boast of a side as good as any other in the league.

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