Chris Bosh Breaks Silence on the GOAT Debate Between Michael Jordan, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant

October 19, 2020 9:00 pm

LeBron James has been adding numbers to his age, trophies to his collection, records to his stats, and respect to his name. But there is this one more thing that has been growing with every passing season – the talks around the GOAT debate with him, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan at the center of it. 

Chris Bosh, the Akron Hammer’s former Miami Heat teammate, has always appeared unsure of this topic. At times, he has thrashed this comparison. On other rare occasions, he has been undiplomatic and picked his choice from the three.

Lakers forward LeBron James smiles while holding the MVP and Finals trophy after game six of the 2020 NBA Finals. The Los Angeles Lakers won 106-93 to win the series. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Miami Heat champion gave his view on the topic

In a recent interview, Bosh discussed various topics focused on Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, and others. He also gave his perspective on the GOAT. 

The 2-time NBA Champion said, “You can’t really quantify it. What LeBron has done is in its own category, what Kobe did, what Jordan, Kareem, Bill… People get very selective, ‘well he only did…’… these are feats that never will be… nobody will be 6-0 in the finals, it just ain’t gonna happen, that’s crazy. 10 finals and counting, I don’t think nobody’s gonna do that. They both have a bunch of MVP awards. They’ve got all the trophies, those guys, Kobe and… everybody’s talking about the GOAT, I’m just trying to get into the building.”

Bosh was referring to Jordan’s 6-0 record in the NBA Finals and Bron’s 10 outings in the ultimate showdown of the league. CB4 then added, “It will be scholarly debates over this for decades. I know LeBron wants it that way. Jordan was our hero, we all watched Jordan, we all know that ‘okay this is what I’m up against and it is what it is’, but for him to actually create a lane for his own self and then they say ‘he’s arguably the greatest of all time’, there’s nothing else to talk about.”

What was Bosh’s earlier stand on LeBron James vs other legends?

The 11-time All-star and the 2002 Mr. Basketball in the state of Texas had earlier called the comparison “useless” and “disrespectful”. At other times, he seemed to be inclined towards LeBron James and had even admitted that he was envious of Bron’s offense. This is understandable, given that they together formed a great duo and took Miami Heat to four NBA Finals. 

The debate might be over for Chris, but it will keep resurfacing for the years to come.

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