NBA Analyst Reveals Kyrie Irving Does Not Want James Harden Joining the Nets

November 18, 2020 4:00 pm

Too many cooks spoil the broth, but the NBA has been proving this proverb wrong for quite some time now. The dream team in the ‘90s, the big three (2010 to 14), and then the GSW’s 2016-19 roster proved that several All-stars put together can win titles. Can this become the reality for Kyrie Irving and KD’s Brooklyn Nets as well?

Ever since the news broke that James Harden wanted to part ways with the Rockets, the Nets have been the top destinations for him. However, a recent update on this could take trade talks in a different direction. 

Nets’ Kyrie Irving is not very excited about James Harden

In a recent interview, NBA analyst Chris Broussard revealed, “People around the league are saying Durant wants Harden and Kyrie does not. Because Harden might likely have the ball in his hands.”

Kevin Durant and The Beard, along with Russell Westbrook, have played together in the past for three seasons in Oklahoma City Thunder. It will naturally be easier for KD to gel-up with Harden than it will be for Kyrie. But the tension for Kyrie might not be limited to just this. 

Chris later added, “Here is another thing for Kyrie to think about or for those who are looking at his situation. Who is James Harden close with, in the organization in Brooklyn? Mike D’Antoni, who is just hired as a coach in the Brooklyn Nets to assist Steve Nash. D’Antoni says Harden is the best offensive player he’s ever seen. D’Antoni, every offense he has created, has had one guy handling the ball and creating the offense for everybody else. Who you think he’s giving to give the ball in Brooklyn if they get James Harden? It’s James Harden.”

Will this trade make Mr. Overtime feel like a third wheel?

Kyrie Irving has earlier played for the Cavs with LeBron James. So he knows what it means to be in a supporting role, but he has never in his entire career been a third option. In fact, he has kept raising his bar and played as the leader for the Boston Celtics. But Chris Broussard’s comments raise real concerns for him. 

Broussard closed his statement by suggesting, “I don’t see Kyrie wanting to be the third-best player on a team. He’s never been the third-best player in a team. And so it will be a chemistry experiment.”

Harden is a prolific shooter and has been a point leader for many years in the league. It is only obvious that his inclusion in the team will take something away from Kyrie. Having said that, it can also benefit them all and probably make them invincible, eventually leading to an NBA ring. So maybe Kyrie might see a mindset change if this deal happens. 

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