NBA Drafts 2020: LaVar Ball Doesn’t Want LaMelo Ball to Join LA Lakers

October 31, 2020 10:12 am

The 2020 NBA draft is edging closer, and with each passing day, teams are getting a clearer vision of the best prospects. One of the top rated prospects in this class in LaMelo Ball.

Ball is expected to become a perennial star player in the league. According to many mock drafts, he is supposed to be a top 5 lock in the upcoming draft. However, the draft workouts have just started and might alter decisions in the coming weeks.

LaMelo’s father, LaVar Ball, recently gave a hint about which team he wants him to be drafted for. LaVar is known for immensely hyping up his sons’ skills. He did the same with the former second overall pick, Lonzo Ball.

“I want him in either New York or Detroit… Not in LA… The makeup that they have right now, that’s not good for me. When they finish with the AD and LeBron here and all that. Check this out, already had a son in LA with a raggedy a** coach. So it don’t matter where you go, the key is to have the right coach behind you.”

The revelation by LaVar was a surprising revelation, considering both the Knicks and Pistons don’t have a top-five pick. Moreover, it’s unlikely that the LA Lakers will trade that high up in the draft to acquire LaMelo.

Is LaMelo Ball the best prospect in the 2020 NBA draft class?

Speaking of this year’s draft class, there is no consensus no.1 pick as of now. Many believe it could either be LaMelo Ball or Anthony Edwards. But considering the current teams that hold the top 3 spots in the draft, only the Charlotte Hornets would have an advantage by drafting a guard.

LaMelo averaged a solid 17.0 points during his time overseas. If he can translate the same performance in the NBA right out of the gates, it will certainly improve any team that drafts him.

The Knicks in particular are in desperate need of a good player at the guard position. With LaVar revealing he wants his son to be drafted by the Knicks, it would make sense if they climbed up in the draft.

But what are your thoughts about LaMelo Ball? Will he become the best player from the 2020 NBA draft class?

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