NBA Insider Claims Houston Rockets Won’t Abide By Any Trade Requests Made By James Harden

November 20, 2020 6:48 pm

If anybody ever announced that the Houston Rockets will trade James Harden, nobody would believe that. But when the request came from the former MVP himself, nobody wanted to believe that.

After enjoying eight years of Harden’s contributions, it must be heartbreaking for the Rockets to see the face of their franchise wanting an out.

Throughout his time with the Rockets, they have been leaps and bounds away from the NBA title. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that a dominant player like Harden, who is in his prime, wants to trade to a championship-caliber team.

And amidst all this chatter, another dark cloud shrouds the franchise, this offseason. With rumors about Harden wanting to be traded to the Brooklyn Nets, his teammate Russell Westbrook has also hinted at a desire for a trade.

There were reports that Houston was going to make efforts to convince Harden to stay. However, it seems like the Rockets might have changed their mind.

Houston Rockets guard James Harden (13) reacts after getting called for a foul in the first half against the Los Angeles Lakers in game four of the second round of the 2020 NBA Playoffs at AdventHealth Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Will the Rockets play it dirty with James Harden?

Philadelphia 76ers, Chicago Bulls, and Boston Celtics are some teams linked with Harden. But personally, the star has shown willingness to join the Nets instead.

The Rockets are in no rush to make a trade because they want the best deal possible for themselves. This means they don’t feel obligated to abide by Harden’s request.

“The sense I get from the Rockets is that their ambition, their goal, their hope is no longer about salvaging the relationship with James Harden and kind of getting him on board,” said Tim MacMahon on the Brian Windhorst Podcast.

“There’s a realization, you know, his mind is made up. He wants out and there is a determination to say, ‘Okay, we get it. This happens in the NBA, but just because James Harden wants out doesn’t mean he gets to dictate where and for what [he’s traded].”

Tim also reiterated that Harden had a say in acquiring Westbrook, which was no secret. But this does not mean he will get the trade he asks for

“Harden doesn’t get to say where he’s traded and basically force the Rockets to take a package that is 60 cents on the dollar for a perennial MVP candidate.

“I think what the Rockets are doing right now is they’re prepping for the post-Harden rebuild,” stated Tim.

Do you think its harsh of the Rockets to repay Harden this way? After everything he’s done, should they feel a need to do what he wants? Or should they focus on what’s best for the franchise?




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