NBA Player Reveals Hilarious Story of Kevin Garnett Trash Talking to Himself

By 2 months ago

NBA stars make the most use of their time during the quarantine. A new video has surfaced where Gilbert Arenas, the former Washington Wizards star, talks about Kevin Garnett.

Kevin Garnett is a man who is popularly known for his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves. On the other hand, he is also one of the league’s more infamous trash talkers.

Garnett used this tactic to get under the skin of his opponents. Sometimes it worked, while other times it blew up back on him.

Kevin Garnett trash talks himself

Gilbert Arenas was talking to fellow NBA star, Richard Jefferson, on a live video chat. There came a moment where Jefferson asked Arenas to share a story about Kevin Garnett.

The former Wizards man seemed like he already had something in mind and immediately replied with a chuckle, saying “You know KG talked trash right? Well, 99% of the trash-talking was to himself!”

He further explained how Garnett used to talk to himself during games. The player would trash talk to himself while his opponents tried to guard him, which used to frustrate them immensely.

Arenas remembers how during a game he got fed up with Garnett and came up with a plan along with his teammates. “I used to go score against him and start talking trash immediately”.

Arenas further added, “Garnett was an NBA all-star at the time, and I was just a sophomore rookie. He used to get so wild and would start jumping and blocking every shot of mine. So me and my teammates decided to just shoot from everywhere and make him tired just by blocking.”

An attempt to get Garnett’s autograph

Arenas also remembers a time when he asked for Garnett’s autograph. He said, “With KG I was trying to get his autograph. It is probably the hardest autograph to get. I asked for it in 2004 and I didn’t get it until 2008.” It had finally reached the hands of Arenas after four long years of waiting.

Arenas waiting for Garnett’s autograph for four years shows the legendary status of the 2008 NBA champion. Garnett was also honored as the MVP of the league in 2004.

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