NBA Trade Rumor: Miami Heat Keen on Signing Denver Nuggets’ Key Forward

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The Miami Heat have all the spotlight on them ever since they finished as runner-ups to the NBA 2020 trophy. The league is soon entering the off-season, and the Heat organization is keen on strengthening the areas that stopped them from winning this year.

The Heat have the 20th overall draft pick with them, which leaves them a little disadvantaged this year. They have their eyes on young prospects Jaylen Smith and Malachi Flynn, but the road to gain hold of them will be tough. Nevertheless, they are building other plans with free agents as well.

Is the Miami Heat interested in a Denver Nuggets forward?

Reports strongly speak in favor of this potential trade. The Heat are looking for a swing forward and Jerami Grant can deliver for them at low expense. The Nuggets star is most probably going to opt-out of his $9.3 million player option. This will bring him in demand, and there will be many players looking forward to signing him.

Teams like the Phoenix Suns, Detroit Pistons, and Dallas Mavericks will all be interested in Jerami. Specifically for the Heat, Jerami can bring an edge to their frontcourt woes. They can expect to get better at offense with the 26-YO by their side. He can compliment Jae Crowder and Jimmy Butler to make it a killer ‘J-Trio’ for Erik Spoelstra.

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What are the other benefits of signing Jerami Grant?

Grant is a very versatile player who can play well at both ends of the court. His athleticism and offensive skills have lifted his stock value after the 2019-20 season. He played an anchor role in Nuggets’ playoff heroics. The 6’8” forward averaged 11.6 points in the post-season where he was trusted to be in the starting five 16/19 times.

His regular-season averaged stood at 12 ppg, 3.5 rebs, and 1.2 assists with 38.9% conversions from the downtown. Jerami remained Nuggets’ go-to guy whenever it came down to guard the likes of LeBron James, Kawhi Leonard, Rudy Gobert, Paul George, or Anthony Davis.

His perimeter shooting coupled with transitioning ability can do wonders for the Heat, given they succeed in signing the young man.

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