NBA Trade Rumors: Boston Celtics Line up Attractive Package for James Harden

November 18, 2020 7:16 am

The equation around a lucrative James Harden deal is getting more complex with passing days. Primarily, no one could guess he would leave the Rockets. Later, it was almost sure he would join the Nets. And now, it is the Sixers and more hurryingly, the Boston Celtics are making a silent move.

The man of the hour, James Harden, has created havoc in the NBA off-season market after declining the Rockets’ offer. He turned down a historical deal that might’ve paid him $50 million+ a year. This certainly changed the matrix for every other franchise out there willing to land a star veteran.

James Harden and Boston Celtics: Could the deal really happen?

As far as sources are concerned, it is an angle one can not reject now. Although a little late, but the C’s have shown their interest in The Beard just 2 days after he became open. Have a look at what Brandon ‘Scoop B’ Robinson suggested-

Danny Ainge will really want to hire someone as dependable and experienced as Harden. His talented pool is relatively younger and all they need is a performing asset with great leadership skills. 

If one such deal actually takes the shape, the C’s will most definitely become more dangerous than the Milwaukee Bucks or the Miami Heat in the EC. Moreover, it will kill the hopes of the Nets to house the scariest trio in the league today.

How can the Beantown land The Beard?

The Greens have three first-round picks moving into the NBA draft. They’re also an ideal place for the mid-level exception worthy free agents. This makes them equipped with enough to make possible a Harden-level trade. What if they’re willing to let go of Jaylen Brown to then have Jayson Tatum and James Harden lead the team?

They can also get a 3-way deal where the C’s get the 8-time NBA All-star and a great defender in PJ Tucker. The Knicks can receive Russell Westbrook; The Rockets, Jaylen Brown, Hayward, Kevin Knox, Bobby Portis, Julius Randle, the 1st round picks, and also 2022 first-round picks from Celtics.

As is visible, this can be attractive even for the Rockets who are anyway going through a major transition. All said, the equation is still complex and nothing can be said with 100% surety unless concrete news comes out.

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