NBA Trade Rumors: Brooklyn Nets’ Package to Acquire James Harden Revealed

November 18, 2020 8:30 am

Since the past two days, it is James Harden, and the Brooklyn Nets all over the news. The idea of James joining an already star-studded team makes the rumor impeccably hard to put down. 

But the path for the Nets to land this big bull will not be a cakewalk. They’ll most certainly have to give away every nickel that they possess in order to make this trade happen. It is rather obvious because if the Rockets were willing to spend $50 million on Harden, they’ll want a package equivalent to it or more to let him go.

What are the Brooklyn Nets offering the Rockets?

The more fitting question would be-what are they not offering? As according to a credible source, the Nets are giving away “All of it. All Future Picks, all Pick Swaps, and LeVert, and Dinwiddie.”

Not more than a week ago, when almost every Rocket (Russell Westbrook, Eric Gordon, Danuel House, PJ Tucker) was showing their issues with the franchise, it was Harden who seemed unmoved. Fast forward to the present day, he is the most in-demand front-runner to swap teams this offseason. Perhaps something between him and the front-office just did not click.

The Rockets and the Nets are yet to reach a deal because the talks between the two are still away from a final conclusion.

James Harden and his starry trade has more to it

There are some obstacles in the Nets’ way. One obvious reason to worry would be the Rockets themselves, who are still trying to mend ways with their star shooting guard. Next up, the challenge for the Nets would also be the Celtics and Sixers, who have shown their interest and capability in the trade. 

The Sixers, specifically, will have to give away their major chunks in either Ben Simmons or Joel Embiid to land The Beard. A deal this big will surely not come off negative assets like Al Horford or Tobias Harris. The Rockets would only be happy if they receive bigger names so they can further trade them to help a rebuilding. 

James Harden has been a top 3 in MVP voting for four back-to-back seasons, thanks to his league-high scoring abilities. It is also the major reason why teams like Brooklyn Nets are all-in to take him and pit him alongside former teammate Kevin Durant and star Kyrie Irving.

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