NFL Legend Urges Klay Thompson to Take a Step Back and Re-evaluate His Return

November 25, 2020 6:00 pm

The Warriors suffered a horrendous 2019-20 NBA season without two of their superstars. Things looked bright for them in 2021 until Klay Thompson suffered a grueling Achilles injury. Wishes have been pouring in for Thompson for his quick recovery, and 3x Super-Bowl champ Jerry Rice recently offered words of comfort for the 30-year-old. 

Jerry Rice appeared on 97.5 The Game’ where he discussed athletes returning from career-threatening injuries. Klay has been extremely unfortunate in the sense that just as he was gearing up to return from an ACL tear, he once again found himself seriously injured.

LOS ANGELES, CALFORNIA APRIL 29, 2014-Clippers Jamal Crawford and Warriors Klay Thompson battle for a loose ball in game 5 of the NBA Western Conference playoffs in Los Angeles Tuesday. (Photo by Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

“I think the thing with Klay right now is that he is being tested. He’s 30 and to have something like this happen again, it is unfortunate. I think this guy has got to look back, he’s got to reassess everything and say, ‘God there’s nothing I could do,’” Rice mentioned on the podcast. 

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A lot of positivity is riding around Klay Thompson at the moment

Klay’s injury is indeed a heartbreak for Warriors’ fans. He missed the entire 2019-20 season and is slated to miss the upcoming season as well. The talented guard suffered two major injuries back-to-back, and this must have been a mental block for him. 

“He [Klay Thompson] was just out doing a pickup basketball game and just trying to get himself ready. When I tore my ACL, it took me a long time to come back. And when I came back, it was not the smartest of decisions,” Rice further added about Thompson. “He is a fantastic athlete. He brings so much to the Bay Area. He’s just gonna have to step back and somehow fight through this adversity, but all the props go out to this guy and I wish him much success and I hope that he can heal fast.” 

It is heartwarming to see the incredible amount of support Klay has been receiving at the moment. These kind words will help him heal from the mental trauma that must be currently affecting him. A player of his caliber will undoubtedly rise back to the top again, but the process will be challenging. 

The Golden State Warriors are once again handicapped without one of their primary shooters. However, they will be motivated to go out and prove their strength and attempt to win the championship for Klay Thompson.

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