Nike Announces Huge News for Kobe Bryant Fans

November 23, 2020 7:39 pm

The Nike and Kobe Bryant collaboration for sneakers has produced some of the best sneakers till date. These sneakers have been very popular amongst NBA players and fans alike. Nike recently took to Twitter and confirmed the release date of the much awaited Kobe 5 Protro ‘Bruce Lee’.

This announcement has created a buzz amongst Kobe fans. Nike tweeted, “Rise like a legend. Strike like a mamba. The Kobe 5 Protro ‘Bruce Lee’ is inspired by Kobe Bryant’s love for the legendary martial arts master and icon.”

These Kobe 5  Protro ‘Bruce Lee’ are releasing tomorrow and will be priced at around $180.

The Nike and Kobe Bryant partnership

Kobe Bryant was arguably one of the greatest players NBA had ever seen. From his rookie season itself, Kobe signed a deal with Adidas and for six years produced some fantastic sneakers.

In the year of 2003-04 Kobe signed a deal with Nike and little did the world know legendary this collaboration was going to be. The first shoes that were launched with the collaboration were the Nike Zoom Kobe I. The Nike Zoom series continued as long as Kobe played the game. These shoes subsequently followed a low top look like the design of a soccer shoe.

(Boston, Mass. June 8th 2008) Lakers Kobe Bryant walks off the court at the end of the game as Celtic fans celebrate in Game 2 of the NBA Championship Sunday. (Photo by Wally Skalij/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)

The shoes were a tremendous hit amongst the fans. Although Kobe had stopped playing the game of basketball, his collaboration with Nike launched the Kobe A.D. series. This series continued till 2018 and released a total of three different editions of the shoes.

In 2018, Nike started releasing newer version of Kobe’s signature sneakers from his playing days. These versions were called the’ Protro’ (performance and retro). Till now Kobe 1, Kobe 4, and the Kobe 5 has been re-released with newer upgrades.

After the legend’s tragic death earlier this year, Nike had announced that it had halted the production for all of the collaboration’s products. Three months later, they have launched another product and are back again.

The loss of Kobe Bryant was a shock to everyone. This collaboration is one of many things that continues to add to his legacy.

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