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“I Thank Steve Jobs”: Lakers’ LeBron James Opens Up on Living Without His Wife and Kids Inside Orlando Bubble

“I Thank Steve Jobs”: Lakers’ LeBron James Opens Up on Living Without His Wife and Kids Inside Orlando Bubble

Life inside the NBA bubble can be extremely tough. There are hundreds of athletes who are currently following a specific set of rules and guidelines inside the Disney World Resort. The Lakers are one among the 22 teams that are participating in the restart. For LeBron James, it will indeed be a difficult time being away from his beloved wife and his kids. 

LeBron connected with the media today via zoom, where he was asked to express his views on several matters. One among them was his take on being away from his family for more than three months.

James knows that his wife will continue to be the leader of the home and take care of their kids during his time inside the bubble. Here is what LeBron replied when asked if he’s missing his family:

“Savannah is a beast at what she does, and that’s controlling the home and just being that rock for our family, so I’m not worried about that… But I thank Steve Jobs a lot and the team at Apple for having FaceTime, because that’s a beautiful thing.”

LeBron casually thanked Apple for making his life easier inside the bubble. Moreover, staying away from the family is extremely difficult. Juggling between focusing on the championship and maintain sanity about being away from the wife and kids is a challenging task. But the King knows to keep his cool and carry on. 

LeBron James steals the show with his ‘throne’

Before the commencement of his media session, LeBron James was not happy with the chair that he was provided. The King had ice packs on his feet to boost muscle recovery. Hence, he requested for a different chair to suit his liking. 

LeBron did get the “lower” chair that he asked for. But it kind of appeared like he was sitting on a throne. Reporters could not help but ask about it and LeBron responded in a casual way. “Absolutely not. It’s one of these hallway chairs everybody sits in,” LeBron replied, when one of the reporters mentioned that his chair looks a bit like a throne. 

However, when Lakers head-coach Frank Vogel attended the same media session, he was given a different chair! This raised eyebrows among many and twitter started erupting with memes

When LeBron saw Vogel sitting on a different and less attractive chair he said, “Oh, they took away your throne, huh?” 

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