Dwyane Wade Accepts That Anthony Davis is LeBron James’ Best Teammate Ever

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LeBron James and his longevity have offered him much more than NBA records. It’s only a matter of one week that he might also lift his fourth NBA title. Bron has played with three different franchises in his career, and that has allowed him to play alongside some NBA greats.

Ray Allen (Miami Heat), Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers), Chris Bosh (one of the big-threes), Kyrie Irving (during his second time with the Cavs) remained his greatest teammates ever. However, one can’t forget the contribution that Dwyane Wade made to Bron’s life and the impact that Anthony Davis is presently having on his game.

So who is the best LeBron James teammate ever?

After Game 1, former NBA Champion and Cavs’ teammate of LeBron, Kendrick Perkins, claimed in an interview, “With All due respect to the great @DwyaneWade I believe that Anthony Davis compliments Lebron better than any other player he’s ever played with.”

These words of praise came after the Lakers duo thrashed the Miami Heat in Game 1. From 12-25 down to 87-55 up, the Lakers earned 75 points to Heat’s 30. Bron and AD added 59 points in game 1 and another 65 in Game 2.

After this comment gained traction, Dwyane Wade himself nodded in affirmation to the claim. He reacted, “I agree big Perk.”.

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Such a statement coming from the legend himself is a tremendous compliment for Anthony Davis. Dwyane averaged 22 points and 4.7 rebounds in his glorious career, while he appeared in 4 Playoffs (two of which they won) with The Akron Hammer.

What must this mean for the Lakers and Anthony Davis?

It’s crystal clear! This symbolizes that LeBron James is now unstoppable since he has found the perfect Robin to his Batman. The duo has scored 25 points with 50% FG accuracy a record seven times in this post-season. Such a figure can overwhelm for any opponent, let alone the ailing and trailing Miami Heat.

27-YO Anthony Davis is playing in his debut NBA Finals and has already had back-to-back 30-point games. It was clear from their post-game interviews that they’re hungrier and still believe that they can further improve. It is safe to say that the Lakers are just a couple more dual performances away from clinching the 2020 NBA Championship.

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