WATCH: Waiters Jr. Trolls Lakers Superstar LeBron James During Practice

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The Los Angeles Lakers are on the verge of making the NBA finals after a decade-long wait. After an amazing regular season, they transitioned their form in the postseason as well. They are just three wins away from ending 10 years of misery. And it’s none other than LeBron James who has led the pack to this success.

James is putting up great numbers and with the additional help from Anthony Davis, they might get the job done. However, competing in the NBA playoffs now is quite different from the previous years. Players have been competing in the Orlando Bubble for their own safety. As a result, they have been separated from their families and loved ones for almost two months.

Each team that has advanced through the first round has been allowed to bring a guest as well as children. James decided to only bring his wife and not the kids. However, this hasn’t stopped Bron from spending time with his teammates’ kids. In practice, prior to the Game 2 battle against Denver, Bron was seen shooting around with Dion Waiters’ son, where the two had a funny conversation.

I would make 100 straight [corner threes]” LeBron said. “Yeah, right” was Waiter Jr’s reply to everything King James said. On missing a shot, LeBron told Waiters Jr, “I missed that on purpose, so you’d think I’m human.” “Yeah, right,” came the prompt response from the child.

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Competing in the playoffs can be very stressful for players. However, moments like these help them relax for a while. But the main goal for the Lakers this year is to bring home a championship, and so far everything has looked good for them on this front.

Can LeBron James and the Lakers advance to the NBA Finals?

Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) holds the ball as he gestures to his team during the third quarter in game one of the Western Conference Finals of the 2020 NBA Playoffs against the Denver Nuggets at AdventHealth Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Lakers fans have been waiting to celebrate a championship ever since the 2010 NBA season. Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol led the team to championship numbers 15 and 16 during the 2010s. Now, LeBron James and Anthony Davis could become the duo to kick start the 2020s with an NBA championship. They are only seven wins away from making this dream come true for fans. However, defeating the Denver Nuggets won’t be easy for them by any means.

Each and every member of the squad needs to fulfill their roles to win it all this season. And so far, they have done exactly that. If they can continue with this form, the dream is not that far from being realized.

Which team will be eliminated from the WCF? Will it be the Lakers or Nuggets? Fans will get one step closer to the answer on Sunday night.

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