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Toronto Raptors’ Coach Updates on Kyle Lowry’s Injury Ahead of NBA Playoff Semi-Finals Against Boston Celtics

Toronto Raptors’ Coach Updates on Kyle Lowry’s Injury Ahead of NBA Playoff Semi-Finals Against Boston Celtics

The reigning NBA Champions are showing no signs of slowing down. The Toronto Raptors destroyed the Brooklyn Nets in round one of the playoff series. The Brooklyn Nets were the most unexpected team to make it to the playoff bracket but their dreams were brutally crushed by the Raptors who climbed to a 4-0 lead and made it impossible for the Nets to change it. However, the Raptors faced a major setback from their previous game. Their point guard Kyle Lowry was declared injured and his status for the semis is still dicey.

Coach Nick Nurse with updates about Kyle Lowry

Kyle Lowry had a quick exit from Game 4 due to an ankle injury and did not return after. However, his injury did not shake the Raptor’s confidence against the Nets. They were able to achieve the four-game sweep with Norman Powell stepping up as a replacement for Lowry. Raptors coach, Nick Nurse recently revealed to the media that Lowry is in the ‘day-to-day’ category.

His status after practice was also declared on Twitter,” Kyle Lowry, who sprained his ankle in the Raptors series-clinching win over Brooklyn, leaves practice just as the media is allowed in. Didn’t see a limp, but Lowry was walking slowly.” However, the full extent of his injury is still unknown.

With the Eastern Conference Semi-Finals just inches away, the Raptors would definitely want their key player to be in his best shape. Whether he will be playing in the next round against the Boston Celtics will only be known when we’re closer to the matchup.

Where do the Toronto Raptors stand without him?

Between the injury and the semi-finals, the Raptors have had four complete days to evaluate the intensity of the injury. They owe a lot of credit to Kyle Lowry for bringing them to the second seed. The absence of their star point guard was not that big of a deal against the Nets but will pose a major challenge against the Boston Celtics.

This matchup is way more crucial for their fate in the Championship. Eric Koreen from the Athletic put a quoting Nurse that said, “I know this: It’s gonna (have to) be a hell of an injury to keep him off the floor – Nurse on Lowry.” Coach Nurse seems certain that Lowry will do everything in his power to return for the next round.


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