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“You Held Me Back”: Dwyane Wade Reveals Why He’s Jealous of the Current Miami Heat Team

“You Held Me Back”: Dwyane Wade Reveals Why He’s Jealous of the Current Miami Heat Team

The game has evolved drastically from the time Dwyane Wade was in his prime. It has become far more fast-paced and three-pointers are normalcy. Dwyane Wade played for the Miami Heat for a majority of the 16 years of his career. Wade played under Coach Erik Spoelstra who is the coach for Miami Heat till the day.

Heat bagged an impressive win against the Celtics on Tuesday, August 4. Their star player, Jimmy Butler had to sit out because of an ankle injury. But Duncan Robinson, Tyler Herro, and Bam Adebayo played like they didn’t even need Butler and defeated the Boston Celtics with a score of 112-106. However, Dwyane Wade expressed displeasure towards his then coach Erik Spoelstra who didn’t let him take enough three-pointers during his time.

Miami Heat has certainly changed

Brendan Tobin of the Tobin and Lero Show tweeted, “Dwyane Wade jealous of this Heat team because Spo let’s everyone shoot threes now and he wasn’t allowed to when he played.” This was accompanied by a video of Wade talking about how much the Miami heat have changed. In the video, he mocks their baby blue Jersey’s and says, “Who is this team I’m watching?”. He jokingly continues to say that that’s not Miami Heat.

Wade then talks about how his coach didn’t let him take enough three-pointers as he does now. “Erik Spoelstra, I love him to death, but I feel like you held me back now coach. You’re allowing everybody to shoot all these threes that you did not allow me to shoot,” says Wade. “He wouldn’t let me shoot.”

However, after this, he goes on to compliment the current players who take three-pointers for the Miami Heat. “What I love about the way the Miami Heat are getting three’s is ball movement which is very important when they don’t have Jimmy Butler,” says Wade. He goes on to compliment the other strategies saying, “They’re doing a great job getting the rebounds and pitching it ahead.” Finally, he approves the way Heat is playing and says,” I love the way the Heat are playing especially without Jimmy Butler.” 

Was coach Erik right?

Spo might have been right all this while because Dwyane Wade was not so great with long-distance shots. According to Ben Rohrbach, who covers the NBA for Yahoo Sports, Wade shouldn’t be surprised that he wasn’t allowed to shoot three-pointers. He tweeted, “Dwyane Wade, a career 29.3% 3-point shooter, wonders why Erik Spoelstra didn’t let him shoot 3s.” 

SOURCE: Brendan Tobin Twitter

Ben Rohrbach Twitter


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