Orlando Magic Guard Takes a Dig at Lakers for Using Awful Strategy to Scare Opponents

October 13, 2020 4:30 pm

Champions do not walk on the road most taken. Instead, they tread their own path. The Lakers have shown relentlessness in their character. This has gifted them with some unpopularity among fellow teams. One such team is the Orlando Magic and the player that has come out to openly discuss it is their guard, Evan Fournier.

Orlando Magic star takes a dig at the Lakers’ playing style

Before moving ahead, take a look at Evan Fournier’s 18-point performance against LeBron’s Lakers early in the 2019-20 season-

The Los Angeles Lakers lost their first scrimmage game in the bubble. But they quickly made a comeback against the Orlando Magic. They defeated the Magic 119-112 where LeBron James scored 20 points and 7 assists. But Evan has something to reveal from that game, which could irritate Magic fans. He said in an interview, “Our first pre-bubble game was against the Lakers, and they complained from the first to the last minute, although it was a scrimmage, no TVs or anything. It’s just how the Lakers approach games.”

Perhaps the man was not necessarily complaining, but he was just declaring that the Lakers have a very different style of play. In that particular game, Anthony Davis was popped in his eye, which forced him out early from the game. He still scored 9 points and 10 rebounds. 

The kind of approach that made them the 2020 champion

A few players may despise Frank Vogel’s men, but their way to approach the game has worked well. They put a lot of pressure on the referees. Their reputation is of that team, which would keep the intensity of complaints high. No wonder Bron gets to take so many free throws. Also, they do not hesitate to report issues related to poor calls to the league office.

During Game 1 against the Nuggets in the conference finals, something happened that forced point guard Jamal Murray to claim his dissatisfaction against a bullying Lakers. The Lakers even showed their disagreement towards a call that favored Jimmy Butler in Game 5. Meanwhile, AD somehow got away with the incident involving him, perhaps mistakenly slapping Jae Crowder.

Either way, the Lakers still always abide by the ethics of the game and continue to win more than they lose.  

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