“Our Games Were a Perfect Correlation”: LeBron James Lauds Michael Jordan’s Controversial Leadership Style

May 19, 2020 1:42 pm

Many see the leadership of Michael Jordan as very challenging, even towards his own teammates. LeBron James sees this aspect of Jordan as something that would suit him.

There was an incident when Jordan slapped his teammate Steve Kerr. It, however, turned out to be good for them as Kerr would later reveal that it strengthened their relationship.

Jordan never went easy on his teammates. While talking on The Uninterrupted, James said there was a “perfect correlation” between him and Jordan.

“I love when a teammate comes to me and challenges me,” he said. “When I was in Miami, [Dwyane Wade] used to come to me and be like, ‘All right, [No.] 6, let’s go.’ [Former Cleveland Cavaliers coach Tyronn] Lue used to challenge me a lot when I was in Cleveland.

“He was like, ‘All right, Bron, what are you waiting on?’ I see that from Mike, and I feel like our games were a perfect correlation to be successful.”

LeBron James would have loved to play alongside Michael Jorda

During the session on The Uninterrupted, Jordan was one of the subjects James talked about. James said he and Jordan would have made great teammates. James admired how the likes of Scottie Pippen excelled alongside Jordan. He felt he would also have done a great job in that role.

“I saw the things (Scottie Pippen) was able to do with Mike. I just think it would’ve been a whole another level,” he said. “Pip was one of my favorite players. It would’ve been a whole another level with me being a point forward, with me being that point forward alongside of him during those Chicago runs.”

However, he later also clarified in a tweet that he would not give away an opportunity to face him as an opponent. Teammate or opponent, it would certainly have been a treat for the fans if two of the greatest basketball players are playing in the league at the same time.

James also relived a few of the stories from his past as he talked for almost an hour on the Uninterrupted.

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