Philadelphia 76ers Rookie Reveals a Lot of Interesting Details from the Orlando Bubble as He Documents the Team’s Journey

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As the Philadelphia 76ers entered the Orlando bubble recently, they made sure fans got the inside view of everything. And this was all through the eyes of rookie 76er Matisse Thybulle, who gave the NBA community a short POV look. Welcome to the Bubble- Day 1 with Matisse Thybulle.

The Philadelphia 76ers enter the Orlando bubble

Naismith Men’s DPOY, Matisse Thybulle may or may not be a 76ers star yet, but he sure is a very valuable member of the team. Why? Because he is responsible for bringing Chick-fil-A for the team, regardless of the global pandemic.

And that is how his Orlando bubble series on YouTube started: by swinging by the famous food joint to get everyone food. Later, Thybulle took the viewers onto the 76ers plane, where Tobias Harris turned into a DJ and played a ‘Welcome Back’ song for everyone by putting the speakers of his cell phone on to the announcement phone of the plane.

Once they entered the bubble, the authorities tested the team and addressed them about the safety protocols.

Then, Thybulle takes us up to his room, where he reveals a bunch of exciting stuff that the hotel has arranged. Firstly, a goody bag full of junk food. Chocolates, pretzels, chips, you name it, these NBA players probably got it. Not sure how many of them would eat it though, diet conciousness and all.

Another attention to detail that the 23-year-old shooting guard observed: the hotel had provided personalized pillows. These pillows had his initials ‘MT’ and his jersey number, that is 22. Another thing MT got, was a number of face masks for protection. We witness him putting some on.

However, what he couldn’t figure out was a random piece of furniture that was in his room. Watching Thybulle figure out how to use it was rather humorous.

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Finally, after calling Tobias Harris from his room, Matisse received his food.

Orlando bubble Food is something that several NBA players have been complaining about. Even though Matisse didn’t become one of them, he had another problem. He didn’t receive any utensils to go with his food. So he ate his food with his hands initially, and that didn’t seem to work out. So, after attempting to use the lid of his pasta bowl as a spoon and failing, the video showed Matisse finally calling for help. After getting his forks and spoons, we can see him eating his food peacefully.

It seems its finally night time, as he tries to light what seems to be an aromatic candle. He says,

“The least we could do is turn this place into a home.”

Around the end of the video, Matisse revealed that this video was just parts as he had a lot of footage and he will soon go through that too.

It looks like we’re in for an Orlando bubble series, courtesy of Matisse Thybulle. Stay tuned.

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