Rapper Reveals How Michael Jordan Beat an Entire Crew 1V1

November 28, 2020 11:36 pm

Michael Jordan is a historic figure in the history of the NBA. Often considered the greatest of all time, Jordan has some of the greatest stories in the league. Whether it be the iconic flu-game or the first encounter against Larry Bird and the Celtics, Jordan is an icon in the world of basketball.

Many celebrities have shared iconic stories of their encounters with Michael Jordan. He truly was a crossover star in basketball. Starring in movies and by becoming a celebrated figure the world over, Jordan has touched lives everywhere.

Chicago Bulls # 23 Michael Jordan sitting next to Bill Cartwright on the bench during the Chicago Bulls vs New York Knicks game on May 14 , 1993 at Madison Square Garden. (Photo by Tom Berg/WireImage)

Jordan was a transcendent figure during his peak in the 90s. He interacted with many celebrities during his reign on top of the basketball world. A prime example is Jordan’s last game with the Bulls at Madison Square Garden, where a host of celebrities came to see Jordan in action one last time.

‘Kid’ of Kid N Play spoke to VLAD TV about his interactions with Michael Jordan. After a project they worked on together, Kid talked about a group of people playing one-on-one with Michael Jordan as a way to pass time.

Michael Jordan competes with everyone

Kid said, “At the end, somebody came with the idea of ‘lets everybody play Michael one on one.’ First to three wins. So all of us played one-on-one with Michael Jordan. Full force, whoever was on the crew, whoever wanted to play, including myself.”

Kid shared that he was confident about taking on Jordan and that he thought Jordan would play lightly with them. He turned out to be were wrong. Kid said, “We all got our gear own… There’s this great picture of MJ holding the ball like this (gestures). I’m in my stance, I’m about to put on the glove on you, MJ! And you’d think is just like ‘Ahh, he’s just goofing around’… He beat the sh*t out of all of us.”

Kid revealed that everyone was a victim of Jordan’s killer competitiveness. He was thrilled to have been beaten by Michael Jordan. He said, “Every last one of us. I don’t think any of us scored… I didn’t score. He goes up one. Two. Every game was to three. So I’m like ‘come on man’. He starts backing me down, then he just jumps up. And I’m jumping. He banged on me – two hands. And I couldn’t be happier. I got banged on by Michael Jordan… I’ve never failed so lovely.”

Michael Jordan’s legendary stature can never be denied. Hopefully, time will reveal more such legendary stories about Jordan.

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