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Serge Ibaka Gives a Hint of His Future With Toronto Raptors Amid Ongoing Rumors

Serge Ibaka Gives a Hint of His Future With Toronto Raptors Amid Ongoing Rumors

Serge Ibaka didn’t particularly enjoy a great time inside the Orlando bubble. He is one of the top free-agents whose contract expires during the offseason.

Is he staying in Toronto or moving elsewhere? Amid his delayed decision, some shocking news surfaced about Ibaka removing the Raptors’ name from his Instagram bio, and the 31-year-old responded to it in a bold fashion! 

We’re yet to enter the 2020 free-agency, but the internet is filled with speculation and rumors. Likewise, Serge Ibaka, who is an unrestricted free agent for the upcoming season, is one of the top targets in the market. Thus, there are plenty of rumors swiveling around his future, and one of them is that he’s leaving Toronto! 

Serge Ibaka has been with the Raptors since 2017 and has established himself as a solid starter. However, fans recently began sharing a post that contained a screenshot of Ibaka’s bio and it highlighted the fact that Ibaka had removed his Raptors connection on his page. 

The news quickly went viral on the internet, with fans speculating about a probable move to the Miami Heat. However, everything was soon sorted out by Ibaka himself as he opened up about the allegations being thrown at him. 

Did Serge Ibaka really remove Toronto Raptors from his bio?

The uproar was that Serge Ibaka removed the Raptors’ name from his bio. This got fans thinking that he is leaving the team when there was no official confirmation from either respective side. 

To put an end to all the speculations, Ibaka opened up on the matter via Twitter. He did state that there was no mention of the Toronto Raptors on his Instagram bio.

Certain athletes tend to display their team name’s on their social media handles, but Ibaka isn’t one of them. “I know the NBA and free agency news are slow right now but there is no need to make up news lol,” Ibaka wrote.

“I’ve had the same IG bio for years and did not change anything now. Be well everyone! #wethenorth”

Well, this glaringly positive message shuts down all the rumors. But it does open the door for a fresh set of speculations! He ended the tweet with a Raptors hashtag, which might imply that he wants to stay in Toronto for the time being. 

Toronto has every reason to offer Ibaka an extension, and the player can choose to remain or move away. However, an official decision is yet to be made. But for now, we know that Ibaka does not want to talk about it. 

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