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“Take That You Punk A*s”: NBA Hall of Famer Calls Out Skip Bayless After the Lakers vs Blazers Game 1

“Take That You Punk A*s”: NBA Hall of Famer Calls Out Skip Bayless After the Lakers vs Blazers Game 1

Charles Barkley has been a fan of Damian Lillard for as long as we can remember. Chuck believes the Lakers will have a hard time against Dame in the 7 game series. Lillard lived up to his expectations so far as he led the Blazers over a victory Lakers in Game 1 of the playoffs.

Moreover, Dame showed off his signature long three-pointer to put the game to bed. LeBron James also had a monstrous game, but it was overshadowed by a poor 3 point shooting night from the Lakers.

Charles Barkley firing shots at Skip Bayless after Lakers’ loss in game 1

Charles Barkley is the happiest man in the world today. Barkley’s predictions for game 1 turned out to be right, and he is overflowing with joy. On coverage of the NBA on TNT, he said, “Take that Skip Bayless, you punk a*s.”



Barkley was firing on full cylinders today, and it felt like he took the feud between Skip and Dame personally.

There has been beef stemming between Skip Bayless and Damian Lillard on social media. It all began when Skip Bayless questioned Damian Lillard as “that guy” on the Trail Blazers team. “I am still not buying “Dame Time” and apparently the Clippers either,” he added. Skip Bayless left the remark after Lillard failed to close out a seeding game against the Clippers by missing two clutch free throws.

To Skip’s comments on his performance, Lillard replied: “I have never been buying nothing about you fam. You a joke. And after our private convo full of back pedaling you will never have my respect.” 

Ever since the feud took place, Damian Lillard has proven Skip wrong at every turn. With the way he has played in the past five games, he has become an obstacle for each team’s path to the finals. Let’s see if he can continue his tremendous form on Friday morning for game 2 of this series.

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