“The Ball Brothers on Broadway”: LaVar Ball Reveals His Plans to Revitalize the New York Knicks

May 15, 2020 5:22 pm

LaVar Ball always finds himself in the thick of media attention. From challenging Michael Jordan to ridiculing Zion Williamson, he was always there for the internet. This time, it concerns his youngest son and elder Ball’s plan to save the New York Knicks. 

LaVar has three sons whom he trusts to carry forward the legacy of the Ball family. The youngest of the pick is LaMelo Ball, who is just 18-years old. For a year, LaMelo played in the National Basketball League in Australia for the Illawarra Hawks.

LaMelo won the Rookie of the Year award in the NBL and opted out of his contract with the team, citing his reason to prepare for the 2020 NBA draft. His father had formerly spoken of where he would like his youngest cub to land. But, in much recent news, LaVar mentioned the city of New York as a perfect destination for LaMelo.

LaVar Ball wants the New York Knicks to select his son in the draft

The New York Knicks, who stand 12th in the Eastern Conference Table, will be revitalized by LaMelo’s inclusion, according to LaVar Ball. The 52-year-old touts his son to be the No.1 overall pick in the draft and wants the Knicks to grab him. “The best fit in my eyes is the New York Knicks,” LaVar said in a recent appearance on FS1. “It’s time for something good to happen to them.”

Speaking to Marc Berman of the New York Post, he added further credence to his earlier statements. The former NFL player perfectly explained the plans he has for his sons in the near future. It seemed scary to know how much he has figured out in his mind about their destiny.


The bright lights, East Coast, If everything lines up right, the Knicks get the first pick and get LaMelo and LiAngelo with him and somehow get Lonzo in the long run. Shoot – The Triple B’s. The Ball Brothers on Broadway.”

Although LaMelo is a huge prospect for this year’s draft, we are not sure about LiAngelo. He went undrafted last year, and it is a huge uncertainty if any team would pick him up. However, we do know that his workaholic dad would be pushing every team in the league to sign his sons up. 

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