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The Heartwarming Way Lakers’ Alex Caruso is Spending His Down Time in Orlando Bubble

The Heartwarming Way Lakers’ Alex Caruso is Spending His Down Time in Orlando Bubble

The Los Angeles Lakers can advance to the Western Conference Finals if they win Game 5 on Saturday. They hold a 3-1 lead over James Harden’s Rockets. Prior to the series, there were many speculations that the Rockets might upset the might Lakers.

When the Rockets won Game 1, the speculation got much stronger, but since then it’s been all Lakers. The team has won three consecutive games and will look forward to advancing to the WCF soon.

In the Playoffs, LeBron James and Anthony Davis carry the load for the franchise. But Alex Caruso and Rajon Rondo have proved themselves essential pieces for the squad. While Rondo has plenty of playoff experience under his belt. It is the complete opposite in Caruso’s case.

Caruso was recently asked about his day-to-day life in the NBA Bubble. He spends most of his time riding a bike or just walking. Recently, the playoff debutant spent his time drinking wine with his parents. Explaining his decision, he said,

“As you get older, you get to realize what’s most important.”

Caruso also revealed on what he expects from himself and his teammates before the big games.

“There was no pull aside or detailed description of what to expect from my teammates. I had played games to win in January and February, knew the level of detail that goes into big games against the Clippers, against the Bucks, and that kind of had a bit of a playoff feel. I think they just trusted me, how serious I take the game, and take the work of preparing.”

Alex has become an instrumental player for the franchise. And the team certainly feeds off of his energy in big games. The 26-year-old is producing a respectable 7.1 points per game while clocking 23.0 minutes per game.

Can the Los Angeles Lakers close out the series in five games?

The Los Angeles team huddle in NBA Bubble
Los Angeles Lakers forward LeBron James (23) and forward Kyle Kuzma (0) and guard Kentavious Caldwell-Pope (third from right) and forward Anthony Davis (3) huddle during the first half of a NBA basketball first round playoff game against the Portland Trail Blazers in the 2020 NBA playoffs at AdventHealth Arena. Mandatory Credit: Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Lakers are in a comfortable position right now. But that doesn’t mean they can slack off one bit against the Rockets. The duo of James Harden and Russell Westbrook might still go off and make trouble for the Lakers.

So far, there have been very few games where both the superstars have performed at an elite level. If Harden plays well, usually Westbrook underperforms and vice versa.

If this remains the case, the Lakers should be able to take care of business in Game 5 itself. But we will find out for sure after the matchup on Saturday night.

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