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The Los Angeles Lakers Bares Its Fangs Against the LA Clippers

The Los Angeles Lakers Bares Its Fangs Against the LA Clippers

Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers closed out a weekend to remember. First, they outdueled the Milwaukee Bucks in a match-up of NBA conference leaders. Then they kept their momentum going with a 112-103  victory over the Clippers.

The Lakers recently clinched a playoff berth for the first time since 2013, and they might meet the Clippers in the postseason. The crowd made it feel like a playoff atmosphere, with a strong contingent of raucous Lakers fans on hand for what was a Clippers’ home game.

The Lakers bared its fangs for everyone. Here is a look at them

LeBron James and Anthony Davis duo stellar play

Anthony Davis got going early in the first quarter setting the tone for the game. He scored 9 points in the first. Then LeBron James took over the game and supported the team by doing a little bit of everything.

They combined to score 58 points, AD(30) and James(28) but it wasn’t just their contributions with points. They set the tone for the team’s hustle and defence. LeBron took the assignment of guarding Kawhi making his life difficult throughout the game.

Los Angeles Lakers’ Defence

Lakers set the tone early for defence with steals from Avery Bradley and AD. The whole game they were more physical than the Clippers putting pressure on the opponent. Their defensive positioning was good with LeBron leading the defence as a centreback. Everyone gave their 100% in defence making key plays whenever there was a chance.

As they say “Defence wins Championships”. Today was a good example of how defence won Lakers the game.

Role players made a difference for the Los Angeles Lakers

Avery Bradley was the X-factor of today’s game as he had 24 points shooting 50% from beyond the arc. He also had an amazing defensive game as he had 2 steals and continued to pressure the Clippers to take tough shots.

Rajan Rondo played an important role in facilitating the offence when LeBron was off the court in the 3rd quarter. He controlled the pace of the game beautifully and made the right plays. That gave LeBron a chance to rest in the 3rd quarter. Kyle Kuzma also played an important role as he converted on second-chance plays through effort. He was aggressive defensively and made key plays in the third to secure the lead for the Lakers.





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