“This Is My Time”: Nuggets Forward Hungrier Than Ever to Avenge LeBron James in NBA Playoffs

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About two years ago, LeBron James made a move that rocked the NBA. After spending 15 years in the Eastern Conference with the Cavs and Heat, LBJ jumped to the West and completed a sensational move to the Los Angeles Lakers. While the purple and gold were celebrating, several other teams saw LeBron as a potential threat.

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This comes on the back of his glorious displays in the East, where he made the Finals eight consecutive times. So it is no surprise when some refer to him as one of the most dominant players in history. If there was an award for the 2010s Eastern Conference player of the decade, it would be LeBron’s trophy to collect.

LeBron James: An Eastern Conference Monster

During his reign in the East, LeBron James has messed with the career paths of several players. One among them is current Nugget Paul Millsap, who was sent home by LeBron’s Cavs for two straight years.

When Millsap and the Atlanta Hawks finished atop the Eastern conference in 2015, a lot was expected out of them, but they fell to the sword of LeBron. A 4-0 sweep in the conference finals destroyed the Hawks’ hopes, but they came back again next year.

This time, the Hawks and the Cavs met in the second round of the Playoffs, but the result remained the same. Another sweep, and this time, Cleveland completed an amazing comeback in the NBA finals to win their first-ever championship.

With LeBron out there celebrating his third chip, Paul Millsap’s 0-8 record against King James in the Playoffs left him feeling gutted. For Millsap, the feelings carry even to this day, as he’s still seeking vengeance.

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Millsap’s confrontation with James

We are now in the 2020 NBA Playoffs, and both Paul Millsap and LeBron aren’t in the east anymore. Millsap and the Nuggets are up against LeBron’s Lakers in the conference finals. The purple and gold are the favorites to win this series.

Millsap, who is also a four-time All-Star, recently connected with ‘The Athletic’ where he addressed his feelings about once again facing LeBron in the Playoffs. The 35-year-old mentioned that he walked up to James and expressed his outright feelings about the latter’s dominance in the postseason.

“I told him, ‘Man, I tried to get away from you in the East. Then you came to the West.’ But finally, we’re at this juncture in the Western Conference Finals fighting to get to the championship game. He’s got several championships and I’m trying to get my first and I feel like this is my time to do that,” Millsap said.

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The entire Denver team and Millsap would know that it is an uphill task to defeat the Lakers. But it’s not impossible. They’ve shown true determination in the bubble, and Millsap has been instrumental in their success.

LeBron James has a playoff record of 156-83 in the Eastern Conference. These are mind-boggling numbers, but the King is in his first-ever postseason experience in the West, as a Laker. But would that stop him from performing any less?

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