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“This is When LeBron James is at His Greatest”: Skip Bayless Finally Has Positive Words For the Los Angeles Lakers Star

“This is When LeBron James is at His Greatest”: Skip Bayless Finally Has Positive Words For the Los Angeles Lakers Star

NBA analyst Skip Bayless might not someone whom you would hear praising LeBron James but he found a way to do it. In his recent appearance on the Undisputed, Bayless called the Los Angeles Lakers man as the greatest superstar watchdog for his stance against societal issues on multiple occasions.

Most recently, James has been raising his voice on social media against racial discrimination since the death of George Floyd. Immediately after Floyd’s death, James posted a photo on Instagram remembering Colin Kaepernick’s protests in 2016 and condemning racism. He has, since then, posted quite a few tweets on the issue.

These are the kind of occasions that made Bayless admire James.

“This is when LeBron James is at his greatest,” he said. “He has turned into the greatest superstar watchdog that we have ever had. It is like he has a second job just eyes open watching. When he sees racial injustice, he pounces. He has such a strong following, all it takes is one tweet, one IG post, and he opens millions of eyes and ears.”

Bayless further said, sometimes, it is James tweeting that makes him realize how big the problem is.

James has 46.4 million followers on Twitter and 66 million on Instagram- the kind of reach very few would have. As Bayless said, James has many times raised his voice via social media on many incidents.

Skip Bayless has many times been against LeBron James as a player

Anybody who has followed shows where Bayless appeared would know how much he criticizes LeBron James. He has been involved in many LeBron James vs Michael Jordan debates on various shows. He has always supported Jordan’s cause for being the Greatest Player of All Time.

Jordan has won six titles during his 14-year NBA career while James has three so far, after 17 years in the league. Bayless has many times brought up the fact that James has won fewer titles to call Jordan the GOAT. Bayless has also previously been critical of James’ performances in the post season.

He always believed James’ performances drop during the playoffs. He said James has Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to thank for his two consecutive titles in Miami Heat.


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