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WATCH: Stephen Curry Having Fun With His Family as the NBA Remains Suspended

WATCH: Stephen Curry Having Fun With His Family as the NBA Remains Suspended

Golden State Warriors star Stephen Curry has been having some fun time with his family while the NBA remains inactive.

In a video that recently surfaced on social media, Curry was along with his daughter. In the video, Curry had a mask on while he tried to sip through his glass of wine.

Stephen Curry & others have been looking for other options while the league remains suspended

With the league currently inactive, players have been finding different ways to bide their time. Before Curry’s funny video of drinking with his mask on, he posted a video where he was trying a few golf shots.

A few others in the NBA tried their hand in video games during the past week.

Meanwhile, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James seems to be relaxing on Instagram and Netflix. A few tweets from James suggested that he was enjoying wine while watching Netflix and old basketball videos on Instagram. A few days back, James went live on Instagram and interacted with the fans. In a session that lasted around 45 minutes, James answered various questions from the fans.

ā€œI miss playing ball,Ā I miss doing what I do, I miss being in front of the Laker faithful. I miss being in front of the opposing fans when Iā€™m on the road. We were at a point in the season where we were hitting our stride and gearing up for the playoffs,ā€ James said during his Instagram live session.


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