WATCH: Indiana Pacers’ Alize Johnson Surprises His Mother With the Ultimate Gift

November 5, 2020 9:40 am

Indiana Pacers‘ Alize Johnson leaves no room to show how much his mother means to him. He was raised by a single mother, to whom he is thankful to everyday. When he was drafted in the second round of the NBA Draft in 2018, he had posted a video in which he surprised his mother with a brand new car. However, Alize did not stop there and surprised her with another gift on Monday.

The 24-year-old shared the heartwarming video on his Instagram. It began with his entire family getting out of a car and walking towards the house. All of them looked clueless and kept inquiring about what was going on. Then we see Alize standing outside a gigantic new home with balloons and keys, waiting for his mother.

Once his mother realized what is happening, she broke down and kept saying “Are you kidding me?” She became so emotional that Johnson had to carry her to her new home.

Alize Johnson gives an explanation behind the grand gesture

Along with the video, Johnson wrote, “God never seems to amaze me. I have been through everything with my family, both good and bad times. We have never given up on each other, I would never allow it, EVER!”

He explained, “My family is the reason I go so hard. The reason I sacrifice every day and continue to put in work. I just want to see a smile on their faces.”

“Today I surprised them with a New House I always dreamed about living in myself, but I’m taking care of them first because, without them, there’s no Alize,” stated Alize.

He also narrated that his family is always on his mind whenever he is on the court. He can never forget where he came from and everything he had to go through to achieve what he has today.

Who wouldn’t tear up after watching Johnson’s post? Even Pacers teammate, Victor Oladipo, couldn’t help but comment on the video. He wrote, “Proud of you slim!! You know what time it is!!! Congrats to the Johnson Family!”

Johnson had signed a two-year contract with the Pacers worth $2.2 million. With this offseason, he will be a restricted free agent. If the Pacers take up the qualifying offer and keep him for another year, can we expect another surprise video popping up on his Instagram?

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