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WATCH: 76ers’ Rookie Isaiah Joe Has a Heartwarming Reaction to Doc Rivers Interrupting His Media Availability

WATCH: 76ers’ Rookie Isaiah Joe Has a Heartwarming Reaction to Doc Rivers Interrupting His Media Availability

The 2020 NBA drafts concluded yesterday. The Philadelphia 76ers had 5 first-round picks available in yesterday’s drafts. The 76ers picked Arkansas Razorbacks’ wing, Isaiah Joe, as the 49th pick from the draft.

While Joe was busy with the media availability, he was interrupted by 76ers new Head Coach Doc Rivers, who welcomed him to the team.

Joe is one of the best shooters in his class. He can create his own shot and has a great range too. He is also a decent defender on the perimeter. With decent playtime, he can easily develop into a decent starter or a role-player.


Is this 76ers year to shine?

Philly had a tough year to say the least. They have two young superstars in Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons. They added big man Al Horford from the Celtics to bolster the squad. On paper, it seemed like Philly could seriously mount a real challenge in the East.

The 76ers just didn’t fit. The Sixers had a botched up starting five and lacked shooters in their squad. They had added Josh Richardson as a two-way guard and hoped that he would add something in the offensive end. He didn’t.

Despite having a star-studded roster, they were swept by Jayson Tatum‘s Celtics. Things needed to change. The owners brought in Rockets’ former GM Daryl Morey and also brought in the experienced Doc Rivers.

Doc Rivers is an experienced coach who has even won a championship. Traditionally centers have thrived under his coaching. He can help Joel Embiid reach the next level. He will also try to prove his doubters wrong, given his disappointing record in the playoffs.

Morey has had a knack for signing perimeter shooters. His impact was immediate. He traded the 34th pick and Al Horford to sign 3-time NBA champion Danny Green from the Thunder.

Morey later also brought in Seth Curry from the Mavericks by giving up Josh Richardson and the 36th pick.

Philly already had one of the best defenses in the league. They massively lacked in offense though. With the addition of two veteran shooters like Seth Curry and Danny Green, they will get a massive boost in the offense.

Green can also add to the defense. He is a great perimeter defender and at his best can be effective in limiting rival shooters. The Philadelphia 76ers just became more dangerous with these additions. They are a team to watch out for in the East.

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