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WATCH: The Last Dance Fans Have Another Michael Jordan Offering Out of the Funnel

WATCH: The Last Dance Fans Have Another Michael Jordan Offering Out of the Funnel

The late ’90s generation lost out on watching Bulls’ Michael Jordan live on TV. Perhaps they grew up watching Shaquille O’Neal, Allen Iverson, and Kobe Bryant. But none of them could replicate the Jordan era.

However, fortunately for them, Netflix released The Last Dance in 2020. When there were no live sports to consume because of the pandemic, the Michael Jordan documentary, with bi-weekly episodes for five weeks, filled the gap. But this sweet offering left the fans wanting more. Thankfully, IMAX heard the plea and promised to bring 1998’s MJ back.

The Last Dance Wasn’t the Last!

Exactly 20 years ago, in the year 2000, a documentary named “Michael Jordan to Max” had released in the theaters. It was a 46-minute sports flick that received a decent response from the public. Now, the organization has decided to re-release the documentary in IMAX theaters (the ones that are allowed to function with restrictions). 

The movie covers the last season of Michael’s playing career with the Chicago Bulls. It also touches upon his younger days, the shot to worldwide popularity, and details his off-court business. The re-release will boast the modern special effects to mold the 20-YO offering into today’s creative demands. Have a look at the magnificent trailer that they released on the Twitter handle.

The documentary is set to release on October 9, 2020.

What all can Michael Jordan fans expect?

The last championship that the Chicago Bulls won came in 1998. They defeated the Utah Jazz 4-2, where Michael Jordan was named the Finals MVP. He had accumulated 680 points in the playoffs that season and averaged 33.5 points in the NBA Finals. Leaving just the fifth Game out where Karl Malone led the points table, MJ nailed it in every game.

On the off-court end, there were a lot many issues going on with the team’s general manager Jerry Krause. He had clarified that it was head coach Phil Jackson’s last year with the team, and this was not what MJ wanted. As a result of these backend troubles, a great team was broken, and the era had ended.

The IMAX offering will bring back these memories and much more. Michael Jordan will again show his power dunks on the big screen. The wait is over!

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